Save Energy and Money

Get real-time insights into your energy usage with our monitoring services. Save money, reduce waste, and improve efficiency with data-driven decision making.

Realtime Data

Track your utility usage in Real-Time with JIOTP

JIOTP utility monitoring service lets you track your electricity, water, and gas usage in real-time, giving you insights and recommendations to reduce consumption and save money. With a smart meter and user-friendly dashboard, you can set alerts, compare usage patterns, and benchmark your consumption against others in your area. Save money, reduce your environmental impact, and improve your quality of life with JIOTP.

Energy Monitoring

Get insights of energy consumption  & identify areas ineficiency to optimize your energy usage and reduce coast.

Liquid Monitoring

Measure your liquid consumption track abnormal usage & leak detection with configurable alerts to improve efficiency

Gas Monitoring

Monitor gas levels, flow rates, and usage patterns to optimize consumption, reduce wastage and improve efficiency.

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