About Us

About Jahaann

Jahaan is an experienced team of professionals working to digitize the industrial enterprise through revolutionary Industrie 4.0. Our IIOT based solutions are specifically designed to connect industrial devices on a cloud based platform so that the energy should be monitored and values to be stored in the most secure environment of amazon cloud.

What Makes us Different

Few years ago we set out to  build a company that focused solely on delivering the best possible technological solutions to our industrial clients to monitor their industrial resources so that they can observe and save the wastage or excessive use of their valuable assets. Today we at Jahaann has built up a cloud based intelligent monitoring system that will not only monitor their resources but it will play a vital role in saving them. Our IOT based system is not only for industries but useful for any building that includes Hospitals, Cinemas, Schools, Colleges, Banks and for any similar sector where energy consumption and its savings are primary concern for the share holders.



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